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Articles by author Pantelis Nikolaidis

  Original scientific paper

The Importance of Loosely Systematized Game Phases in Sports: The Case of Attack Coverage Systems in High-Level Women’s Volleyball (Pg. 19-24)

Lorenzo Laporta1, Pantelis Nikolaidis2, Luke Thomas3, José Afonso1

1University of Porto, Faculty of Sport, Porto, Portugal
2National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science, Athens, Greece
3Top Flight Volley Ltd, Kent, England

Abstract | Article (PDF – 221KB) | References

  Original scientific paper

Systemic Mapping of High-Level Women’s Volleyball using Social Network Analysis: The Case of Attack Coverage, Freeball, and Downball (Pg. 57-64)

Marta Hurst1, Manuel Loureiro1, Beatriz Valongo1, Lorenzo Laporta1, Pantelis Nikolaidis2, José Afonso1

1University of Porto, Faculty of Sports, Centre of Research, Education, Innovation and Intervention in Sport, Porto, Portugal
2Hellenic Army Academy, Department of Physical and Cultural Education, Athens, Greece

Abstract | Article (PDF – 462KB) | References