Christian Wisdom Magtajas Valleser1, Ken Ewing L. Narvasa1

1University of the Philippines Diliman, Department of Sports Science, College of Human Kinetics, Quezon City, Philippines

Common Injuries of Collegiate Tennis Players

Monten. J. Sports Sci. Med. 2017, 6(2), 43-47 | DOI: 10.26773/mjssm.2017.09.006


The purpose of this study is to determine the common injuries of Filipino collegiate tennis players; 110 varsity tennis players with a mean of 20 years old (SD ± 1.7) with an average playing experience of 12 years participated in the study. There was a 100% occurrence of at least one injury with an average rate of 5.98 injuries per person. The authors observed that the most commonly injured anatomical region is the lower extremity; ankles were recorded as the most commonly injured part. Other commonly injured areas included the shoulders and lower back. Furthermore, the most common injury type is tendinitis, sprains, and strains. The recorded injuries were mostly associated with overuse injuries, and the findings were similar to those of most other studies on tennis injuries. A larger sample size may provide more conclusive findings on tennis injuries, particularly in different levels of competition, such as recreational or professional athletes.


Injuries, Collegiate, Tennis, Student-athletes

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