Dear Readers,

As usual it gives us enormous pleasure to introduce the first issue of this year’s volume of Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (MJSSM). We will standardly review the reached achievements in the previous year and bring you some personal insight into the reasons why MJSSM is such a great journal and you should cooperate with us.

We have to strengthen that our journal continues facing the great success. Even though our Journal has entered two strongest index databases (Web of Science and Scopus), one of these databases (Scopus) continue recognizing the development of our journal that is proved by reaching high impact scores for the third year (CiteScore 2019: 2.80, SJR 2019: 0.309; SNIP 2019: 0.453), while the ongoing tracker is promising better CiteScore calculation in 2020 (CiteScoreTracker 2020: 2.10; updated on 07 February, 2021) which is scheduled for Spring 2021. On the other hand, we are still preparing our journal to be evaluated again by Web of Science to reach a long-lasting and eager impact factor and inclusion in SCIE (Science Citation Index Expended) and SSCI (Social Science Citation Index) databases. Therefore, we believe that 2021 will be the year of our highest reach, mostly because we have worked hard and that we deserve further progress and visibility at the international level as current Web of Science Citation Report is promising us success (Total Publications: 105; h-index: 9; Average citations per item: 2.93; Sum of Times Cited: 308; Without self-citations: 293; Citing articles: 210; Without self-citations: 198; updated on 07 February, 2021). Nevertheless, we must keep in mind that this success has not only been achieved by the management of the journal, our editors, reviewers and authors, as well as readers, have contributed equally. So, we want to thank all the participants in the rapid development of our journal again and again, and to invite all those who have not participated before, to join us in the future, to continue in the same rhythm to the same direction.

We would also like to discuss in the introduction speech about the journal statistics. The acceptance rate was a bit smaller, it was decreased for two more per cents from last preview. Currently, it is on 7% for original research submitted in period 2019-2020 and expected to keep decreasing for the upcoming period as we have more and more submissions every day. On the other hand, the time from submission to first decision is a little bit decreased (41 days), while the time from submission to publication is a bit increased (65 days).

From year to year, volume to volume and issue to issue, it is enormously important to repeat that our journal will continue working on growing academic publication in the fields of sports science and medicine; all clinical aspects of exercise, health, and sport; exercise physiology and biophysical investigation of sports performance; sport biomechanics; sports nutrition; rehabilitation, physiotherapy; sports psychology; sport pedagogy, sport history, sport philosophy, sport sociology, sport management; and all aspects of scientific support of the sports coaches from the natural, social and humanistic side, in various formats: original papers, review papers, editorials, short reports, peer review - fair review, as well as invited papers and award papers, as well as promote all other academic activities of Montenegrin Sports Academy and Faculty for Sport and Physical Education at University of Montenegro, such as publishing of academic books, conference proceedings, brochures etc.

As we usually do at the end of the introduction speech, we thank our authors one more time, who have chosen precisely our Journal to publish their manuscripts, and we would like to invite them to continue our cooperation to our mutual satisfaction. Thank you all of you for reading us and we hope you will find this issue of MJSSM informative enough.

Prof. Dusko Bjelica, PhD
Assoc. Prof Stevo Popovic, PhD

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