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Selçuk Akpınar1, Raif Zileli2, Emre Şenyüzlü2, Seydi A. Tunca3

1Nevşehir University, Faculty of Education, Physical Education and Sport Department, Nevşehir, Turkey
2Bilecik Şeyh Edabali University, Physical Education and Sport Department, Bilecik, Turkey
3Gazi University, School of Physical Education and Sport, Ankara, Turkey

Predictors Affecting the Ranking in Women Armwrestling Competition


The purpose of this study was to investigate the predictors contributing to be in the first three places with right arm in women armwrestling. Thirty-one female senior armwrestlers competed in Turkish National Championship voluntarily participated in this study. The data were collected from six different weight classes. Handgrip strength, auditory reaction time, forearm length, and forearm circumference were determined as the predictors. All the measurements were taken after weigh-ins had been done and before the first day of national championship competition. Logistic regression analysis was conducted to predict whether a competitor in women armwrestling would be in the first three places with right arm, to be a winner or non-winner. Relative handgrip strength and forearm length were found significant predictors (p < .05). This result suggests that strength can be viewed as the main predictor in right arm ranking for women competitors; however, in order to apply different techniques during the match, forearm length also found to be an effective factor to be a winner. Thus, this anthropometric measurement can be used for the talent identification for women armwrestlers.


Handgrip Strength, Auditory Reaction Time, Forearm Length, Forearm Circumference


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